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Am I a Sex Addict? - a brief questionnaire

* Do you frequently regret your sexual activities?

* Do parts of your sex life strongly contravene your values and leave you feeling shame about them?

* Are you pre-occupied with sex or porn to the extent that you are unable to concentrate on important things at times?

* Do you spend excessive amounts of time on your sex life, such as searching for sex in apps or online viewing of porn images, films or webcams?

* Do you avoid getting emotionally involved with sexual partners, preferring anonymity to intimacy?

* Have others expressed concern about your sexual activities?

* Do you lie to others about your sexual activities?

* Do you find yourself increasingly drawn towards more extreme or abusive sexual images or activities?

* Do you use sex or sexual fantasy to change the way you feel when you are bored, stressed, angry, sad or depressed?

* Have your sexual activities got you into trouble with the law?

* Has your sexual behaviour given you financial problems due to excessive amounts of money spent on sex workers, saunas or pornography?

* Have you accessed pornography on your employer's or family computers?

* Do you put yourself at risk of sexually transmitted diseases by unsafe sexual practices?

* Have you lost, or risked losing, important relationships due to sex with others besides a committed partner?

* Have you promised yourself you will stop, yet been unable to stop, your sexual behaviours despite the risk of financial, relationship or health consequences?

Answering “yes” to four or more of these questions strongly indicates a sexual addiction.
I would recommend an assessment to answer your concerns where I could propose a way forward for you.

What to Expect

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